Is Online Casino Legal in Singapore?

Is online gambling legal in Singapore? While the Singapore government recently announced plans to reform the current Online Casino Singapore Regulatory Authority, the new regulator will be tasked with expanding its mandate to include other emerging gambling products. The Gambling Control Bill is expected to be introduced in Parliament in early 2022. It will include a number of other amendments to the current laws, including a stronger penalty for repeat offenders and a more ambiguous definition of gambling.

The law prohibits gambling on the internet in Singapore unless the operators are licensed and exempt. It also prohibits payment services that link illegal online gambling, which is why the authorities have stepped in to crack down on it. In addition, the police have jurisdiction to punish violators of gambling laws. While online gambling is legal in Singapore, there are still some restrictions. It is important to understand what the laws state about it and make sure you are aware of any possible implications before you make your decision.

The law doesn’t consider loot boxes to be gambling. The reason is that loot boxes offer virtual rewards that have no real-world value. However, some games may have an option for players to exchange their virtual prizes for real-world payouts. Buying loot boxes with real-world payouts would be considered gambling. So, is online gambling legal in Singapore? If so, which aspects are regulated?

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